Dream Garage Door Designs and Decorations

Since a garage door is a major part of our house. It plays a significant role in the curb appeal, security, and exterior of the building. This is why; we have to keep our garage doors well-maintained and attractive to make them unique.  Some people want to decorate their garage door periodically while others like to decorate it only Christmas season or other holidays to make their building look different. I am to be one of those who like to do it on each holiday period and put some festival signs and other decorations to show my appreciation, excitement, and love. In this article, I will share garage door decoration ideas that I have used to make my garage door attractive and noticeable.

I once thought it was fine to use metal nails in my wooden garage door to put some decorations and to hang signboards, assuming that there would be no issues at all. Of course, it was the winter but I totally forgot about the cracks and other patches of the wooden garage door. You cannot believe that wasps crawled into the garage and made their nests. They were able to squeeze their bodies through tinny holes. Then I had used patch filler to cover the holes, I probably would not have had that issue.

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Another garage door decoration option is adding windows. I have decided to add windows to allow natural light in and for decorative appeal. Well, it is cheaper to install a garage door without windows but a garage door with windows especially the glass windows adds curb appeal and allows more light into the garage. Nowadays, there are many options for garage door windows such as curved and decorative glass windows.

Don’t use items that are going to puncture even tinny holes in the wood garage door. If you are using tape or any other material to hold the decoration stuff on the garage door, make sure it will be removed easily without damaging the garage door. If the sticky part sticks, you will find it hard to remove. For painted garage door, it could ruin the paint and you will have to repaint the garage door. Just be careful while hanging any decoration on a garage door. It is always better to consult a professional garage door expert to add decoration items to your garage door.