Why You Might Need Professional Garage Door Repair Services

It might be possible. One day, you press the button of the garage door remote to get your car into or out of your garage but it won’t open. You press the button again and again but nothing happens. You need to open the garage door so that you can park your car inside to make it secure.

You also rely on being able to get your car out so that you can leave the house and go to the office in a timely manner. If you are not sure what is going wrong with your garage door, call a professional garage door expert like, garage door services Greensboro NC to inspect and fix the garage door.

Non-responding garage door:

One of the common reasons that could make your garage door non-responding is the faulty operating system of a garage door. Every problem with the garage door can be fixed easily when you figure out what is faulty. If you are not able to understand the problems with your garage door, you will be stuck with your car inside or outside of your house. All you want is to open your garage door so you could leave your car outside even if you are expecting a storm. Look at the list of possible reasons for garage door malfunctioning so you can start narrowing your work:

  • Photo eyes of sensors cannot work
  • The garage door opener has been unplugged accidentally
  • Broken garage door springs
  • Wall mounted keypad works but the remote does not function
  • Broken garage door cables

The photo eyes of the sensors have a clear line of sight to ensure the smooth opening and closing of a garage door. If the eyes are dirty, muddy or something is blocking their line of view, then they should be cleaned. Garage door sensors should be aligned correctly. Make sure that the garage door motor has not been accidentally unplugged.

Garage door torsion springs will be usable for a certain time period. When these springs have opened and closed the garage door for a specific number of cycles, it will stop functioning. These springs will break eventually. If this happens, it should be done professionally. If the wall-mounted keypad functions, it means that your remote has dead batteries. In this case, you need to replace the batteries. If you are still not able to open the garage door using a remote, then you need to reprogram the opener.

Garage door cables are also used on the garage door. When cables break, you need to replace them with the help of professional garage door experts. You and your garage door technicians will decide whether the garage door repair project involves broken garage door springs or cables. These cables are attached to the drum to the top of the garage door. Why is it so important to hire a professional garage door technician? The garage door is extremely heavy and hard to manage. Garage door cables and springs are placed under a high amount of pressure. So the only person who can handle them is an experienced and trained garage door expert.