Frequently Asked Questions about Wood Garage Doors

A wooden garage door can be a wonderful addition to the exterior of your home. However, there are some important points to be considered while choosing a wood garage door. Here are frequently asked questions about garage doors created from wood to determine whether they are good for your home or not.

Is a wood garage door the right option for extreme climate conditions? Wood is definitely an attractive material and natural insulator. However, if you live in an area where the winter season is harsh then wood may not be a good option. Installing an insulated metal garage door or fiberglass garage door would be beneficial.

Can a wood garage door withstand the storm and high wind? A wooden garage door can be strong and durable but if you live in an area that experiences high windy conditions such as hurricanes or tornadoes, the installation of a wooden garage door is not recommended. It is especially considering if you have a bigger garage. These garage doors were not designed to withstand high winds. It is better to go for the reinforced metal garage door.

What type of wood is used in the manufacturing of wooden garage doors? These garage doors can be made of a variety of woods. Oak is famous due to its strength, texture, and durability features but quite costly. The most commonly used woods are Redwood, Oak, Cedar, and Hemlock. These woods are naturally resistant to problems of rot and mildew and still strong as compare to other materials.

Do I have to think about my wooden garage door going rotten? It is true that rot can be a common and major problem with wooden garage doors. It is common in areas that experience high humidity and rainy conditions. You can certainly still use a wooden garage door but you should maintain it to keep it functional. These garage doors should be painted and stained to prevent moisture and water leakage. You will also need to make sure that the bottom of the garage door is sealed properly. A wooden garage door can rot but you can avoid this problem through proper garage door maintenance.

Is a wooden garage door costly? Wood is definitely costly than other materials. A high-quality wood garage door may cost as much as 10 times than other materials. It is an important element in choosing the right garage door for your home?

Can I install my wooden garage door on my own? Installing a wooden garage door is not a Do-It-yourself project because of the extreme weight of the garage door, it should be balanced properly. A professional garage door installer has the right expertise and tools to handle the heavily weighted garage door and make sure that their springs are installed properly to run smoothly on tracks. An improperly installed garage door can be dangerous.

The wood garage door looks wonderful. Now you know the answer to commonly asked questions about the wooden garage doors. Hopefully, you can make the right decision when it comes to choosing the perfect garage door for your home. Installing a wood garage door is a great way to enhance the curb appealing of your home.